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Plastic BizCards deliver the complete package.

This is what our clients have to say about us!

We have been using Plastic BizCards for years and are extremely impressed with the consistent quality of the product. We are more impressed with the service and attention to detail every time we order more. Our clients continually comment on our cards quality and we often see our cards in our clients homes long after we have handed them out. Excellent product, excellent service, excellent value.

Carol & Steve, Coldwell Banker Parker Realty, Charlottetown, PEI

I've been using Plastic BizCards for many years and never fail to renew them. When I hand my card to a prospective client, I watch as they often choose to open their wallet and place it next to their credit cards! Then I know it's working for me! ...By far the best use of my advertising dollars!

James K., Royal LePage, Toronto

I would never again go any other way when it comes to business cards. We sell a very expensive product....Real Estate.... cheapening out on business cards is the wrong way to go. People are so impressed when I meet them for the first time and hand them my plastic business card..... their first word is ...WOW...nice card.... I even use the line that you can swipe it but it will get you nothing..... keep it and I will make sure you save money on your next real estate transaction. These Bizcards truly give me an edge and without a doubt make a great first impression when meeting people for the first time.

Steve D., Sales Rep, Coldwell Banker, Welland

It is unbelievable to me how many Real Estate Professionals refuse to invest money back into their own business. In my profession, first impressions are critical. I have been using Plastic Bizcards for many years now. The results are impressive! Perception is Reality! I have had my dry cleaning sponsor on the back of my card, tell me that people are coming into his store and showing the card to receive the discount on their dry cleaning. More importantly. THEY HAVE KEPT MY CARD!!!!! Top of mind recall is critical! The plastic is the only way I will go from now on. Having the edge over the competition is what its all about. Go with Plastic Business Cards or go home. I believe in this product 100%.

Geoff K., RE/MAX, Cambridge

Thanks again for all your hard work preparing the plastic business cards for myself and for the agents in my company. I stress to all my agents that your business card is the most powerful advertising tool you have. Your business card should be handed out with pride. The great thing about your cards is that people actually hang on to them. Some even carry them around like credit cards. 90% of the people I hand them out to comment on how nice the card is. I can definitely attribute some of my success to the quality of your plastic business cards. Thanks again for everything.

Andre Z., Sutton Group, Mississauga

I could never go back to the regular business cards for a couple of reasons. They are as follows: When I look in my wallet, after only a few days, I notice the edges fraying and after a couple of weeks the card begins to completely break down. The only option is to throw it out because it looks terrible. With your card, it can be kept for life. People love it because they insert it in their wallet like a credit card. When I hand clients or prospects your Plastic Bizcard, they are impressed immediately. They look at the card. They play with it and they always comment on how professional it looks. It just makes my job easier and that is my objective. Two weeks ago, a lady called me and asked me to come and sell her house. As we were signing the papers I asked her why she chose me. She pulled out the Plastic Bizcard which looked as good as the day I had given it to her 3 years earlier. She said she was changing purses and noticed my card. She remembered meeting me but probably wouldn't have called without the card. I have only great feedback from the card. I could never go back to a regular card. Thanks.

Chris C., RE/MAX, Toronto

Alison and I have been using your plastic business cards for years now and know they have impact on people we pass them to. They always take a second look and notice that we want a quality presentation of our service. The image is always sharper and easier to see. The card withstands the journey in anybody's pocket and we even hand them out in hot tub's to other agents at conventions just for fun. Thanks also for working with us on our time line to get the cards ordered.

Alison W. and Lou V., Sutton Group, Burlington

My clients enjoy the plastic business cards. They have commented on the superior quality. I will, therefore, continue to order them from you.

Bonni S., Royal LePage, Mississauga

I use PLASTIC BIZCARDS, because they are different. When you first hand them to people the automatic reaction is WOW these are nice, so it makes for a good easy ice breaker. Every time I hand one out to a client, a home owner or anyone else, a positive comment is always made. The plastic cards people seem more willing to keep rather then dis-card them, as they might with a paper style card. A nice benefit is I can do so much with the back of the card, I can set up a discount card on the back or something as simple as a calendar, always giving the client a little more then the average. I have to give Plastic Bizcards a lot of credit, the card and logo's I planned on using weren't in circulation, and the crew at Plastic Bizcards really pulled it through to give me a totally new and unique looking business card. The best thing with the plastic business cards, is they set you apart from the rest!

John-Mathew H., Century 21, Peterborough

Roger and I highly recommend your product and your professional service to anyone inquiring. We have been ordering all our business cards from you for many years now (they work very well) and it has always been a pleasure to do business with you. Wishing you continued success!

Jennifer F. M. and Roger M., Royal Lepage, Oakville

Hi. Just have to tell you what a professional shop you guys are running there. Looking forward to doing future business. The plastic business cards look fantastic. The feedback has been great on them as well... A lot of "ooo" and "ahhh's." LOL. Thanks for all your help in putting this together for us. We will be contacting you again when we need more! Thanks again!

Amy W., EXIT Realty, New Brunswick

I confirmed with our client, the drive cards arrived on time and they loved them. I can't believe we pulled it off! You did a great job and we will definitely be in touch in the future. Thanks again!

Rebecca F., Sourcing Central, Toronto

Thank you for the business cards, I feel much better now that I have them. I think I grew too used to this kind of high quality business cards. It was a great job as usual. Thanks again.

Oscar V.C., Century 21 Real Estate, Toronto

I just received my cards today and they look great! Thank you very much for such a professional job. Take care.

Erika N., Valero Realty, San Pablo, California

The feedback has been outstanding. Every time I give one out they always say "nice card" which is what I really like to hear. Thanks.

Kenneth T., Exit Realty Acceleration, Napanee

They arrived and I love them.....thank you thank you!!!

Toni N. :), RE/MAX, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I still have at least a years supply. I must say it was one of the better investments I have made. Everywhere I go people comment on the quality of the card. I will definitely be back for more.

Jim T., Royal LePage Realty, Toronto

The cards are ABSOLUTELY worth the wait. they are in my hands and since i got them, i have got nothing but compliments! i am probably the only individual in Nigeria with a plastic card. the first place i saw them here was at a magazine company, and trust me they got nothing on you !!!! i am about to go there and show off my cards!!!! Thanks Tony, my cards are awesome - you are truly the best. more business is coming ur way thru ShaKo!!!

ShaKo, Your preferred M.C., Maryland D.C.

Thanks for all your work on them I am very pleased. We have almost 50 agents in our office, a couple of people have already asked me where were got them - hopefully you will get some more business out of it.

Steve Y., Coldwell Banker Realty, Charlottetown, PEI

I received my new cards. They turned out great as always! Thank you.

Bill S., RE/MAX, Oshawa, Ontario

If you want to make an impression without spending thousands of dollars then I would go with plastic cards. Leather would be a waste of time, money, and effort.... I cant really suggest any other options that are realistic, ...plastic cards is the way to go.

Gio V., Gio Advertising, Toronto

Got the cards today they look great. Thanks.

Bill M., RE/MAX, Owen Sound

The cards look great and my partner Mark is super happy with how they turned out which is wonderful. Keep up all the great work.

JM, Century 21 Realty, Peterborough

Hi, the cards were here when I got back from vacation yesterday. They look great!! Thanks for all your hard work! Gonna start passing them out this week. I will pass your name and number to anyone interested in ordering. Thanks again, take care!

Evette C., Investor/Realtor, Statewide Real Estate, Maryland

I've received the cards and they look awesome. Thanks for the professional service and the exceptional quality of the product. Best Regards.

Shawn G., Leading Edge Realty Inc.

You are awesome!, your service is above, and beyond the competitions. Thanks!

John C., Broker, RE/MAX, Niagara

I just wanted to extend my sincere thank you for a job well done and an awesome final product! I am more than pleased with these new cards. The quality is awesome and more than I expected. Thanks again and I look forward to doing repeat business with you in the future.

Andres M., RE/MAX 2000

I've received my cards. I have to concede that they are exceptional. I was impatient, because I was without cards and apologize. They are certainly worth the wait. Thank you.

Valerie C., Exit Realty Town and Country, Canex Mall, Greenwood, Nova Scotia

I received the cards yesterday and they looked great. Thank you so much.

Sherry C. O., Coldwell Banker Barnes, Franklin, Tennessee

I received my new cards; they look great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every one that sees them loves them. Thanks for the extra cards that was a nice surprise. Thanks again.

Lucy S., Sales Representative, Prudential Grand Valley Realty