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Plastic Business Cards

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Plastic Calendar Cards

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Plastic Gift Cards

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Plastic Phone Cards

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Plastic Membership Cards

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Plastic VIP/Loyalty Cards

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Plastic Key Tags

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Plastic Internet Cards

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Plastic Hotel Key Cards

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Plastic Fundraising Cards

These days, schools, sports teams, groups and organizations are finding it more difficult than ever to raise funds from supporters. Traditional fundraising efforts have lost their flair and are no longer as… More about Plastic Fundraising Cards »

Plastic BizCards Features

  • CR80 size, printed on durable 0.30 Mil plastic material, manufactured in CANADA
  • Same thickness, look and feel of a standard Credit Card
  • Full-colour printing on front and full-colour on card back at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
  • CLICK HERE to view some samples/ideas for back-of-card printing options
  • Laminated on both front and back for protection and to make cards last and look great for years, with die-cut rounded corners
  • Distinctive, eye-catching, and impressive, all at an affordable price

Your Custom Plastic BizCards can be used as Premium Business CardsCalendar CardsGift CardsPhone CardsVIP CardsLoyalty Cards or  Membership Cards. Let us help you bring in more clients and increase your sales and profits by putting our premium custom ​plastic marketing cards to work for you today!

Benefits of Plastic Business Cards

The main benefit of these Plastic BizCards is that they look very expensive to produce, but in fact they are very affordable. Products can be numbered, signature-stripped or bar-coded depending on your requirements. Plus, people are less inclined to throw a plastic card away because of the high perceived value, so they will generally hang onto them far longer than they would a paper card.

Plastic BizCards are a hard-working advertising tool which give you and your company an edge over your competitors, and can be particularly eye-catching with a professional look and feel, all at an affordable price. Any business can benefit from using our Fully-Custom Plastic BizCards.

Plastic BizCards are well-built and durable, will help make your business cards last much longer than simple paper ones, and will differentiate your business from others. They are a chance to help establish your brand identity. Plastic business cards look professional and sophisticated, and show the recipient that you are someone who takes time and care in every aspect of your business even down to the last detail.

Plastic BizCards are an essential pre-requisite for small and big businesses, as they show the importance of your business to various individuals and businesses. Business cards are very valuable in developing a clientele; every time you hand one out, give them a Plastic BizCard that they will actually keep and hold onto. It’s a chance to communicate something about your business. Your business card is a marketing opportunity, so make the most of it with a Custom Plastic BizCard.

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